Benefits of Chiller Doors & Sliding Covers

Going Green can be more profitable

Based on 10mt. X 1.7mt. chiller unit 14 tons of CO2 are saved every year.

Energy Doors and covers will provide savings so it will not take long to recover your investment. The system is designed as a retro-fit solution for most makes of refrigerated display cabinets, chiller doors and island freezer covers and can be installed during trading hours with minimal impact to the store.

With continually rising electricity prices the savings increase respectively.

Advantages to our doors & covers:

  • Reduction of electricity consumption.
  • Investment will pay off in a short time.
  • Constant cooling temperature keeping products fresh.
  • Even chilling ensures temperature safety for products.
  • Clear view of the goods on the shelf.
  • Intelligent lighting options.
  • Pleasant shopping experience.
  • Easy handling and access for customers and staff.
  • Reduction in Carbon footprint.

Glass Covers for Island Freezers:

Lucrative in Quality and Design.

Low e-glass is the new glass cover system for island freezers. The circumferential profile encircles the existing cabinet in a discreet manner. If desired, it is available (like the handles) in the customerís corporate design colours. Low e-glass guarantees maximum temperature safety. Low e-glass is available with flat or curved glass and is adapted for retrofitting for all established island freezers.

Luminous Innovation

Low e glass has new, external lighting integrated into the handrail. This lighting permits optimum energy savings due to the reduced influx of heat. The new LED lighting technology for the first circumferential, external handrail lighting makes every freezer into a well-lit shopping landscape. LED lighting technology sets another standard with regard to optimum an economical lighting.

Glass Covers for Island Freezers:

Temperature Safety in Deep Freezers.

In the future, food inspectors will check whether the temperature - 18 degrees C is being exactly maintained, continuously over 24 hours, 7 days a week. Through the use of Low e-glass a product temperature improvement of 3-5 degrees is achieved as well as a reduction in the onset of damp in the freezer cabinets. Considerably lower defrosting cycles therefore enable greater temperature stability and an automatic commitment to active environmental protection.

Low e-glass can be retrofitted at any time and can be delivered tailor-made for almost all freezer models. The simple assembly and refrigeration conversion of the cabinets provide immediate savings. When it comes to cost savings you are on the safe, value-for-money side with Low e-glass. With a considerably lower energy consumption, your investment will pay off in just a short time.

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